IQAir proudly claims it “stays in front of the industry we started." With state of the art facilities on the shores of Lake Constance in Switzerland, this manufacturer of air purifiers is the epitome of the renowned high quality and technical expertise that is "Swiss Made."

IQAir makes this valid statement: “More than 90% of the particles in the air are smaller than 0.1 microns in diameter. They are known as “ultrafine” particles, and they cause heart attacks, strokes and even cancer.” It is for this reason that IQAir takes pride in being a proven leader in filtering these highly dangerous ultrafine particles.
IQAir Health Pro Series
The HealthPro® Series are said to be the best of air purifiers, with no risky side effects. The performance of...
IQ Air GC Multi Gas
IQAir makes this bold statement: “Manufacturers of ordinary air filtration systems claim only that their systems filter particles larger than...
IQAir Cleanroom H13
IQAir has this to say about its Cleanroom H13 air purifier: “ When there’s no room for error, choose IQAir....
IQAir Dental Pro
IQAir makes this statement about its Dental Pro air purifier: “The Dental Pro is a compact, stand-alone air purifier that...
IQAir makes this statement about its GCX Series: “Never before has this level of gaseous contaminant control been more versatile,...
IQAir ParticleScan Pro
They don’t come niftier than the IQAir ParticleScan Pro! This is a professional, highly advanced handheld laser particle counter designed...
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